Over 40 years knowledge about and experience with small production lines and Dutch syrup waffle baking irons.

Specialist in production lines and Dutch syrup waffle baking irons

We sell and deliver new small production lines and Dutch syrup waffle irons. When buying a new production line or Dutch syrup waffle iron we would like to think and discuss with you what the possible options are. As a result, you can swiftly start with making Dutch syrup waffles.

Apart from a variety of manual syrup waffle irons, we can also supply a automatic syrup waffle iron.

Repair and maintenance

Our prompt service is readily available when needed.


Over the years we have improved our baking irons with quite a few innovations; for instance, we have optimized the TRIZ-SETAH syrup waffle iron ergonomically and the baking sheets need not be pressed anymore to get the dough to flow. The top baking tray can be lifted easily with the little finger.


We put high demands to our improved TRIZ-SETAH syrup waffle irons and are therefore able to give you a 2-year-warranty. The guarantee is based on current European rules.

Renting Dutch syrup waffle iron?

Would you like to rent one or more syrup waffle irons? That can be arranged! With us, you can rent a Dutch syrup waffle iron, including all accessories. Experience has shown that passersby are already enthused by only just smelling fresh syrup and waffle scent. The rent of a syrup waffle iron is subject to availability. You can collect the syrup waffle iron only at our branch in Capelle aan den IJssel. The costs are subject to a daily price-rate and a deposit must be put up before you can take the syrup waffle iron with you.


We gladly offer workshop to any interested syrup waffle baker.

S.E.T.A.H Solutions works closely with TRIZ-SETAH. TRIZ-SETAH has a separate department concerning syrup waffle irons.

You can always contact us for more information of course, on a non-binding basis.

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  • 2 jaar stroopwafels in Thailand met twee stroopwafel ijzers
  • Eerste indruk, Setah is een meedenkende helpende hand voor een startend ondernemer.
  • een perfetcyt leverancier voor al je stroopwafelbenodigdheden
  • Het bedrijf werkt met respect voor zijn klanten en is altijd opzoek naar beste product en service.
    Rush Juger
  • Een goede product met kwaliteit/prijs verhouding.
  • stroopwafelbakijzers
    Adri Straver
  • Super stroopwafelbakijzer bij Setahsolutions
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  • Service, kwaliteit en klantvriendelijkheid steken erboven uit.
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  • Beste stroopwafelijzers.
  • Prima kwaliteit producten en top service
    Paco van der Louw
  • Een bedrijf die weet waar ze het over hebben.